21 Day Challenge – Day 1


Today is day number one for the Blender Babes 21 Day Smoothie Challenge. I am taking this challenge with my husband. He is willing to participate if I make the smoothies. I am not doing this for weight loss. I want to  be more healthy and energized. So far I did work all day and still had energy to plant seedlings out in the garden…and all the dishes are done. This is not normal to have energy after work!


Their picture appeared much more red from the grapes. The Vitamix pulverized all of the spinach and green won over my smoothie in appearance. Luckily, the banana flavor won the taste.

We just purchased the Vitamix yesterday and already we are impressed. Previously we used Jack Lalane’s Juicer. The drinks tasted fine but left us hungry. So far the Vitamix smoothies have been satisfying until lunch. Even my husband was satisfied. The biggest difference is the fiber content.

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