Potato Tower!

Grow lots of potatoes is a small space with this tower method. It was super easy and fun. Continue reading

Sick Chicken

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to see this girl up and foraging around the yard. Two weeks ago, we thought she was a goner. Continue reading

Pizza Dumplings

Are you looking for a fun snack at camp? Here is a quick and easy snack to make with your scouts. Continue reading

Recruiting New Scouts

The fall recruiting season for Cub Scouts, and Boy Scout Troop shopping season is just beginning. This is a very exciting time of the year. To help with attracting families to all that Scouting has to offer, we need to make sure that any barriers to joining are removed.

Here are 3 things that will help grow your membership : Continue reading

30 Day Minimalist Game – August 2017

Have  you ever noticed how much stuff comes in to the house?  It all comes in, by the bag load! It comes in every week from groceries, school, work, shopping and decorating. It comes in for birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, anniversaries, graduations (including kindergarten now.) And don’t even get me started on Christmas…but when does it really go out of the house? Continue reading