21 Day Challenge – Day 3

image Dr. Oz’s Favorite Green Smoothie…Yuck! Today’s smoothie was so thick that the straw stood straight up.  I followed the recipe except for the spirulina and macha powders. I couldn’t find either at Trader Joe’s. I did find spirulina tablets, so I put one of those in the mix.  It was drinkable but did not taste good. I think there must be a difference between powder and tablets… The blueberries weren’t able to be recognized under the spirulina and spinach. I was very full until lunch time. I decided to look up what spirulina is, since I have just ingested it. Apparently I just ate algae! The website Nutrex Hawaii says it is considered to be the worlds best superfood.  Perhaps I should order their powder and try to make this smoothie again.

I also failed with a second smoothie for lunch. I found a recipe online for a lemon, ginger, mango smoothie. It called for flax seeds. I accidentally purchased “toasted” flax seeds. It smelled and tasted awful. I couldn’t even drink it.  I hate wasting food but this was extreme.  I decided to take my coworker up on her offer to buy me a burger to thank me for taking her to the eye doctor and ER last week. In the spirit of healthimage, I ate the garden burger and only half of my french fries.  After lunch, I felt tired and was even sleepy on my drive to an evening meeting.  For dinner, I had a Fiber One Chocolate Oat bar and a banana. I’m full of energy again.

Today I was back to my starting weight.

After coming back home, I shared a strawberry with my chickens.  Only Goldie seemed to like it. The chickens are only four months old. We have not gotten any eggs yet. We are hoping for eggs any day.

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