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It isn’t often that I am alone. With kids, a husband, full time job and volunteering, I am always surrounded by people.   I saw this empty bench on a walk last week and the first thing I thought was, if I … Continue reading

Fire Baked Potatoes

Potatoes have been given a bad rap for dieters that they do not deserve. These starchy spuds are a staple to any budget friendly diet.  They can actually be considered healthy depending on how you cook them and how you top them.

They are also a favorite of growing boys.  Just watch a troop of boys eyes light up when you have a baked potato bar for dinner. Continue reading

How to Effectively Use Lists

I am totally a list person. Lists are the best thing for busy people. They help you organize your thoughts. They give you peace of mind when you know it is written down. It feels amazing when you can cross off things from your list. They are the most magical thing on earth.

Here is a question for all of you list lovers out there. Have you ever written something down on a list that was already done, just so you can cross it out?

If the answer is yes (which it is for me!), then you are not using your lists to their full potential. There are three more things lists are great for. They are the three P’s; Priorities, Project Management and Procrastination. Continue reading

Ribs and Corn on the Fire

You don’t have to go camping to cook over the fire. This weekend we grilled up baby back ribs and corn over the fire.  I think it looks impressive, but it is actually very easy.

We have a great BBQ. It is made Browning and is called the Cowboy Fire Pit Grill.  Until this grill, we just cooked over a fire.  Amazon has a much less expensive option that looks amazing.  It is called Sunnydaze 36 Inch Northland Grill Fire Pit. Continue reading

Kale Harvest and Storage

It is the middle of the growing season and time to harvest the kale. When I worked in public accounting we called tax season “harvest time!” I am happy to say this harvest is much more fun and healthier.

We’ve been eating it every morning for quite some time. We have kept the kale from flowering by cutting the center stems. This also helped to make the plants bushier, with lots of tender, small leaves. Continue reading